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Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
to civil rights and national service has advanced the causes of our party immeasurably. please join me in thanking our retiring officers. [applause] they have done a remarkable service for the entire country. [applause] >> now, let me introduce our slate of new dnc officers. they are a talented, dedicated and passionate group of people who will strengthen and energize our party. maria elena will serve as vice chair of the dnc. maria's work as executive secretary-treasurer at the los angeles county federation of labor and years of service reaffirm our party's steadfast commitment to american workers. maria will strengthen the already-powerful bond between the dnc and our brothers and sisters in the labor movement. my friend, congresswoman gab earth of hawaii, with your support today will serve as ice varian. a-- vice chair. along with our colleague of illinois is also one of the first female combat veterans to serve in congress. [applause] congresswoman's story is an inspiration and showcases the best of our party's values. i look forward to serving with her both at the house of repr
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
changed beginning in the late '60s after the passage of civil rights and other laws come and really into the early '70s before mortgages and so forth became available. so african-americans began putting their first foot on the escalator at the very earliest in the late '60s, after 30 years of whites moving from a te lower middle class to the middle class and beyond am only fended african-americans begin. and it was about that time that the escalator begin to get kind of creaky. and wages begin to stagnate and unique jobs and manufacturing began to disappear. and african-americans are buying homes in precisely the communities, the inner cities, that are being abandoned by everybody else. so what you see is not that happens, but past racism and bad timing that explains this profound difference. and just so they can't see the outcome. you can't explain the outcomes without references. and really that's the theme in many ways of this issue of the "washington monthly," to peel back the hidden truths of our history so that we can understand our present situation. the other thing that i think t
Jan 23, 2013 7:30am EST
will not be successful and contribute to the restarting of the greek economy. >> right here. yes. right here. >> thank you, bill. >> you're in washington, d.c. at the time when the capitol is focused on several foreign policies and national security crisis in greece's immediate future. there's a syrian civil war and the refugee crisis in turkey, there's the growing threat of iranian nuclear ambition with the nuclear capacity aiming toward europe, and of course the emergence of the al qaeda and islamist in libya and algeria. the united states and greece have been nato allies for sixty years. greece's defense expenditures will likely drastically reduced because of the crisis you've been describing here. how do you see them contributing to the international security in the years ahead? thank you. >>if i understand you correctly how greece can contribute to europe. for a stability for -- for most stability. greece is a country that finds itself or that borders countries that are in a state of flux. it is a country that the european union and nato from our perspective is that greece n
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3